About Tracy Ginsburg DMD

When you’re selected as the state’s top dentist in periodontics for four consecutive years, it’s clear that you’ve achieved something special. That’s the case for Tracy Ginsburg DMD, whose Warren, New Jersey-based operation has helped untold patients with serious dental concerns. From antibiotic treatments and bone grafting to sedation dentistry and sinus augmentation, those who’ve trusted Tracy Ginsburg DMD and her Associated Periodontists private practice have consistently walked away with a newfound sense of confidence. However, the road to being able to provide these life-improving services took a considerable amount of dedication to education.

Tracy Ginsburg DMD began her journey toward treating gum disease and more by earning her bachelor’s degree from Trenton State College in 1992 and her dental degree from Temple University, in Philadelphia, in 1996. What followed was residency with the Medical College of Virginia for periodontics in 1999 as well as a fellowship with the American Cancer Society for head and neck surgery in 1995. Tracy Ginsburg DMD would also spend plenty of time on the other side of the lectern, or in this case, a dentist’s chair in a teaching role. Among roles she held at dental schools and hospitals include pre-clinical instructor, pre-doctoral clinical instructor, certified basic life services (BLS) instructor with Atlantic Health Systems from 2000 to 2005 and associate clinical instructor with Newark Beth Israel from 1999 to 2009.

With such prestigious roles, it’s no wonder then that Tracy Ginsburg DMD has also been the recipient of a number of honors and awards. Starting in 1991 as president of her college’s Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, she would later go on to serve as president of Temple University’s Periodontal Honor Society in 1995 and 1996 and be voted top dentist in periodontics by NJ Monthly magazine. The latter honor was earned from 2010 straight through to 2013. In an interview with the magazine, Tracy  Ginsburg DMD said that the rapidly-advancing field of computer-guided surgery was “100 percent customized for that patient and allows us to very quickly and very precisely place the implants.”

While this is merely a brief overview of Ginsburg, her extensive and impressive resume and professional accomplishments, she always saves time for activities outside of the office. “I like to exercise and plan out healthy meals for my family. I am very into sustainable, organic foods. We don’t eat anything processed in my house. Everything is homemade,” she told NJ Monthly.